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Ready-to-Customize Base Models

At LR Kustom Karts, we understand that customization is a journey that begins with the perfect base. Our inventory features a handpicked selection of base models from top manufacturers, waiting to be transformed into your dream ride. Choose from electric or gas-powered options, each offering a blend of performance and potential that serves as the ideal starting point for customization. For more information, please give us a call at (419) 217-4110 or contact us online.

Check Out Sales and Rentals at LR Kustom Karts in Bellevue, OH

At LR Kustom Karts in Bellevue, OH, we offer an exhilarating experience for both thrill-seekers and adventure enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking to own your very own customized kart or simply want to enjoy a heart-pounding ride for a day, we have you covered. Our extensive range of high-quality karts for sale allows you to customize and create the kart of your dreams, tailored to your style and preferences. If you’re not ready to commit to ownership, our rental service provides the perfect opportunity to experience the excitement of karting without the long-term commitment.

Experience the Excellence of Bintelli E-Bikes

LR Kustom Karts proudly presents Bintelli Electric Bicycles, a brand that has been setting industry standards for 23 years and counting. Backed by a team of passionate professionals, our premium e-bikes are meticulously crafted with top-tier materials and upgrades, ensuring the utmost quality and durability. With the added assurance of our limited warranty, customers can explore the scenic landscapes of Bellevue, OH, with confidence.

Discover the impressive specifications of our Bintelli e-bikes, including a lightweight aluminum alloy frame, 7-speed Shimano shifting, and a powerful 48V15AH lithium battery, offering an estimated range of 30-40 miles and a top speed of 30 mph. Join us in the electric bike revolution and elevate your riding experience with Bintelli at LR Kustom Karts.

Unmatched Quality with Bintelli Scooters

Discover the excellence of Bintelli Scooters at LR Kustom Karts in Bellevue, OH. With over two decades of industry leadership, Bintelli’s commitment to quality is second to none. Our dedicated professionals take immense pride in crafting premium products using the finest materials and top-tier upgrades. Plus, customers can enjoy peace of mind with our comprehensive limited warranty. Be sure to explore the latest addition to our electric vehicle lineup, the Bintelli Beast, featuring impressive specifications such as 6.3 horsepower, 150CC engine, and more. Join us at LR Kustom Karts to experience the Bintelli difference today!





Cart Type

Cart Type

Power Type

Power Source

Trio Deluxe Electric Bicycle

Price: $$2,399.00

Trio Electric Trike

Price: $$2,199.00

Fusion Hybrid

Price: $$1,999.00

Trend Electric Commuter

Price: $$1,899.00

B2 Electric Bicycle

Price: $$1,599.00

Florence Step Through

Price: $$1,899.00

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LR Kustom Karts provides quality new and pre-owned golf carts to North Central Ohio. For over 10 years, LR Kustom Karts has offered custom golf carts to fit your needs whether it’s a custom restoration, new cart, or service.

We are passionate about providing you with a customized golf cart, including custom paints, vinyl wraps and upholstery. Our knowledgeable staff will discuss all of our options with you.

LR Kustom Karts is your exclusive Bintelli Carts dealer. Bintelli carts are the perfect cart for all of your recreation needs, including cruising around the neighborhood, golfing and camping. We know all carts available and can help you find the right one.