New & Pre-Owned Golf Carts
in North Central Ohio


Trio Deluxe Electric Bicycle

Price: $$2,399.00

Trio Electric Trike

Price: $$2,199.00

Fusion Hybrid

Price: $$1,999.00

Trend Electric Commuter

Price: $$1,899.00

B2 Electric Bicycle

Price: $$1,599.00

Florence Step Through

Price: $$1,899.00

M1 Electric Bicycle

Price: $$1,799.00

B1 Electric Cruiser Bike

Price: $$1,499.00


Price: $$1,999.00

LR Kustom Karts Sells Quality Golf Carts

LR Kustom Karts has been creating unique custom golf carts and providing quality service for over 10 years! We are North Central Ohio’s one stop shop for all of your golf cart needs.

Call (419) 217-4110 today to schedule an appointment. Customers can also contact us online to see how we can help you.

Offering Unique and Customized Golf Carts

Give your golf cart an upgrade to fit your style. If you choose one of ours, or have your own, we can customize it completely to fit your needs. LR Kustom Karts offers upholstery, vinyl wraps and paint jobs for your golf cart. For over 10 years, our team has created unique carts for golfing, family adventures, neighborhood cruising and campground fun.

We Are a Bintelli Carts Dealer

LR Kustom Karts is your exclusive Bintelli Carts dealer. These carts are the perfect choice for the golf carts, camping, and all your recreation needs.

Our knowledgeable team can help you help you make the best decision for your next golf cart adventure.

Learn About LR Kustom Karts

For 10 years, LR Kustom Karts has provided quality pre-owned and new golf carts to the North Central Ohio area. If you are in the market for a custom restoration, a new cart, or service, LR Kustom Karts can help.

Bintelli carts are the perfect option for your treasured recreation needs, including golfing, camping, or cruising around the neighborhood. Rely on our sales staff to help you make the best decision. Trust us to discuss all of our options with you. Our passionate employees provide you a unique customized cart with vinyl wraps, custom paint, and upholstery. LR Kustom Karts is a proud and authorized Bintelli Carts dealer.